1. Who are your worksheets for?

Our worksheets are for primary school children, or pupils in secondary school working at primary school level. Primary school children are age 5-11.  

2. Are the worksheets free?

The first 3 worksheets are free. After that, if you would like to download more, you can upgrade.

3. How do I upgrade?
Upgrade here.
4. How do these worksheets support my child?
Our educational materials are designed to enhance the learning experience of your children. The worksheets we provide are tailored to support your child’s academic growth and development. Our resources are carefully crafted to cater to various learning styles and abilities, ensuring that every child can benefit from using them. We strive to create engaging and effective learning tools that will help your child succeed in their educational journey.
5. I’m a parent are these worksheets suitable for my child?
Yes, these worksheets are suitable for your child if they are in primary school, or work at primary school level.
6. I’m a teacher, can I use these worksheets?
Yes, teachers may access these worksheets.
7. What makes your worksheets different?

Our worksheets are colourful and engaging. The worksheets we provide are designed with vibrant colours and interactive elements to captivate and hold the attention of learners. Our worksheets are also differentiated. Each worksheet contains a level written at the top; easy, medium or hard.  

8. What topics do you cover?
We cover addition, subtraction, multiplication, place value and division. We are currently expanding the range.
9. Where are your terms and conditions?
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