Year 3 Place Value Worksheets

Year 3 Place Value Worksheets

Year 3 place value worksheets for pupils who are 7-8 years old. Pupils in year 3 studying year 3 maths are expected to compare and order numbers up to 1000. In year 3 pupils are expected to write numbers up to 1000 in words. For example 378 can be written as three hundred and seventy-eight. Pupils in year 3 will be able to recognise the place value of each digit in 3 digit numbers (hundreds, tens and units). For example the number 624 is made up of 600, 20 and 4. Some pupils studying year 3 maths will be able to work out 10 or 100 more or less of a given number, for example 10 more than 435 is 445 and 100 more is 535.

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers Worksheet
Ordering Numbers Worksheet
Number Lines (A) Worksheet
Place Value Worksheet for year 3
Place Value Worksheet
Year 3 Place Value Worksheets 3

Comparing Numbers

Comparing 3-Digit Numbers (Medium)
Comparing Sums (A) (Medium)

Ordering Numbers

Ordering Numbers (A) (Medium)

Numbers Lines

Number Lines (A) (Medium)
Number Lines (B) (Medium)
Number Lines (C) (Hard)

Writing Numbers in Figures

Writing Numbers In Figures (A) (Medium)

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